Viewing from the Bulk

by Vishnu's Eyes



Hugely inspired by modern astrophysics, including the famous string theory that describes our universe as a three-dimensional membrane hanging in a four-dimensional space, the "bulk" — a new Vishnu's Eyes single is completely different from the band's recently released debut LP. From guitar-driven Post-Britpop & soft rock back to the purely electronic sound with a Trip hop feel and industrial noises. To put it brief — stylistically, it's somewhere between going to the discotheque and falling into the black hole.


released June 13, 2016

All songs written, arranged & mixed by Jan Vaschuk.

The track "Top Security Clearance" features voice samples of Army Sgt. Adrienne Kinne (Ret.) speaking about her service during U. S. military operations in Baghdad in 2003.

Special thanks go to Kip Thorne, LIGO team and all the astrophysicists from around the world — you guys are giving me chills and inspiration.



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Vishnu's Eyes San Francisco, California

Hi, my name is Jan. I write songs, walk around and dream about space. If you're from the future, then you're about to find a bunch of quite vintage tracks with that classic "2010s post-britpop" feel. Otherwise, it's just indie. Alright, drop by and take a listen. ... more

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